My upcoming UFO-game

2008-03-29 05:54:29 by Flash-monk

Hi again! Now i've been hard working on my UFO game for a long time, and its looking really good! It got a bit larger than I tought at first... But I tell you, this is going to be a good game experience! I am doing my best to make it into a full game, with a story line, a two player and a lot of modes... If you have any questions about the game, just ask me!

Oh, and btw, Flashartists, the group I make flash with, is going to be much more active from now on, we are switching our servers and such, so it is down right now, but will be up soon. Check it out for the latest news on the game and other thing were doing!

New game in progress!

2007-10-06 20:23:53 by Flash-monk

Hello again! After my last combuter went wakkity-BooM, I lost all my flash :( Then, I had birthday! And guess what! I got a new laptop! :D im so shakety-digiloo happy right now :D
After I got the new computer, I installed Flash 8 (NOT CS3!) And I already have more then ten projects running! But what I'm concentrating the most on now, is my UFO game, where your goal is the get cowblood. I think I will be able to release it in a couple of months. Other than that, I have a million of ideas, so I guess it's gonna pop out flash from me :D well... sayonara!

Two New soundtracks!

2007-07-19 06:33:13 by Flash-monk

This is the song that loops inside houses in my newest game!

This is the song that loops when you're out on the field in my new game!

New Screenshot!

2007-07-18 14:53:38 by Flash-monk

Now, I've got the honor of presenting the first screenshot from my upcoming game!
The pic is taken from when I tested the game for bugs earlier...
The working title of my game is:
Live Or Die 365: Bonanza in NY, Men's Edition

New Screenshot!

New game in zha development!

2007-07-18 08:32:20 by Flash-monk

I'm making a new game right now, inspired by FF thang... mine is a bit different, since its only a "labyrinth" Might be that i reveal som Screenshots soon...

The Flash-Monk Blog!

2007-07-18 07:37:58 by Flash-monk

And now... I, Flash-Monk, declare this blog for OPEEEEN!!! *Aplaus*